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Here at The Textile Centre, we understand that you want to know just what you're spending your hard-earned cash on. Before you take the plunge, we offer a sample service for a small fee.

This listing enables you to order up to 3 samples per 99p (we will provide you with an ample size).

Use our contact page after buying the samples indicating either the item name an colour, or a link to the items you want samples of. You can also email this information to support@thetextilecentre.net

If you buy more than 2 metres of any of the fabrics you've purchased a sample of, we will refund the cost of the sample back to you. Please let us know once you've done this so we can issue a refund.

Along with this service, we will look up the quantity of the fabrics you're interested in, as well as check whether additional stock is available from our warehouse. 

If a particular fabric is coming to an end, we'll let you know if this is the case. 

Please be advised that we may be unable to provide you a sample if a certain fabric is coming to an end (if this is the case and you have already paid for the sample, we will issue you a refund).

Please also note that quantities change regularly; we cannot guarantee that the fabrics you have requested samples of will remain in stock indefinitely.

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