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What we do

Aside from both importing and exporting stock dress fabric specifically manufactured for the Textile Centre Ltd, we also purchase redundant and surplus fabrics which were destined for major High Street stores and re-sell them at discounted prices.

About us

The founders of The Textile Centre, Nick Berry and his wife Barbara Berry, began by trading in loose dress fabrics on Walthamstow market in 1990. Following six years of successful trading on markets in East London they opened their first store in Walthamstow High Street in November 1996. In November 1997, after a year of prosperous business in this store, The Textile Centre Ltd was formed. In 2000 further success saw the opening of the second Textile Centre store in Queens Market in Upton Park, East London. The Textile Centre then began to trade in street markets in various locations throughout the United Kingdom.

Due to growth in the business, it was necessary to acquire a warehouse and distribution depot. In 1997 the company obtained a unit in Walthamstow, London. The following year the company expanded into the neighbouring Unit. At this time it was decided that the company would wholesale fabrics to other shop keepers and market traders.

During ten successful years trading The Textile Centre tentatively began to move to importing dress fabric from overseas. Further success saw The Textile Centre outgrow the units in Walthamstow and in 2007 the wholesale business was relocated to much larger premises in Leyton, London. In 2008 the company again expanded its wholesale business and moved into the neighbouring warehouse. Our distribution centre now covers 15,000 square feet and we wholesale to many towns in the United Kingdom.

With 2008 being a particularly fruitful year for the Textile Centre Ltd, a third store was acquired at Watney Market, London. This store trades under the name of Paul's Fabrics. In 2009 the Textile Centre opened its own representative office in China. May 2011 saw the opening of the fourth Textile Centre store in Luton.

Following the success of our wholesale and retail stores around the UK, in 2014 a second distribution centre was opened in Manchester to serve the north.



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