REM 2 Metre Large Abstract DogTooth Print Ponte Roma Jersey Dress Fabric (SR233)

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Remnant Very Last 2 Metre Piece.

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Light weight Ponte Roma jersey with a one-way stretch and an abstract dogtooth print.

It's soft to the touch and has a beautiful drape - perfect for making simple dresses and tops and leggings.

Thanks to its tight weave, it's easy to sew and holds its shape, making it a tempting prospect for expert and novice sewers alike! It's not hard to see why this fabric is so popular with many high-street stores; you should always have a Ponte Roma dress in your wardrobe, printed and plain.

Machine washable at 40° temperature, minimum iron.

Width: 150cm

Composition: Polyester/Viscose/Elastane

Price is for 2 metre piece

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