ONE OFF 2 Mtr Border Stunning Oriental Floral And Bird Print Satin Silky Chiffon Dress Fabric Material (Soft Ivory SH202)


ONE OFF Sample Length Remnant: 2 Metre Piece.

Our Price £9.98 (£4.99 Per Metre) 

Please note: Our sample lengths are from london based fashion houses, some you may recognise in the high street shops, some have never been produced, only in sample lengths. :)

please note: This has a double border.

This is a very light-weight satin silky chiffon fabric it has a soft and silky feel with a oriental floral  and bird print.

It has a soft feel and a stunning drape.

You may want to line this fabric, although it is not necessary.

Suitable for blouses, dresses, skirts, tops etc.

Machine washable delicate 40° temp.

Width: 130 cm

Composition: 100% Polyester

Price is for 2 metre piece



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