Plain Black Neoprene Scuba


Plain Black Neoprene Scuba
Neoprene scuba is heavier slightly stiffer fabric.
Heavy poly elastane jersey. This fabric has a one-way stretch to the width giving a comfortable fit when garment is made. 
This is 2 fabrics bonded together with a very light-weight foam sandwiched between the 2 layers. 
It's very soft to the touch and very fashionable at the moment. 
Favoured by most high street fashion stores; it's the fabric of the moment.
This fabric is perfect for the lampshade skirts that are all the rage this season! 
Also suitable for fitted or structured jackets, dresses, tops, from minis to midis - this fabric is a good all rounder
Width:154 cm
Composition: Polyester/Elastane
Price is for 1 metre (after one metre, fabric comes in one complete length)




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