Plain Reversible Neoprene Scuba Dress Fabric Material (Indigo/Black)


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This is a plain reversible heavy polyester elastane jersey.

This fabric has a one-way stretch to the width giving a comfortable fit when garment is made.

This is 2 fabrics bonded together with a very light-weight foam sandwiched between the 2 layers.

It's very soft and slightly silky to the touch and very fashionable at the moment.

Favoured by most high street fashion stores; it's the fabric of the moment. .

Machine washable at 30° temperature, minimum iron.

Great fabric for newcomers to sewing.

This fabric is perfect for the lampshade skirts that are all the rage this season :)

Also suitable for fitted or structured jackets, dresses, tops..etc.


Composition: Polyester/Elastane

Price is for 1 metre (after one metre, fabric comes in one complete length)

Please note that we are happy to sell half metres, as long as the minimum length is 1 metre (we will not sell less than 1 metre).

To do this, please order the next metre above what you want (e.g. order 2 metres if you want 1.5 metres) - this ensures that we still have quantity remaining that we can re-list when a listing has run its course.

Remember to send us a message stating the amount you want, and we will refund you accordingly.    

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