Poly Chiffon Uri Giri Yoryu Floral Print


Chiffon Uri Giri Yoryu Wispy Floral Print

*Korean Quality*

Please note that we have photographed this fabric on a light and dark background, so you can see the different aspects of the fabric. Get ready for summer with this beautiful soft wispy floral design printed over a chiffon yoryu. Light weight chiffon yoryu with silky spots (Uri Giri) woven into the base cloth. Suitable for blouses, dresses, skirts etc.

Yoryu has a micro crinkle effect running linear and uri giri is small or large patterns that are woven into the fabric at the time of production

Width: 145 cm

Composition: 100% Polyester

Price is for 1 metre (after one metre, fabric comes in one complete length)

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