REM 1.4 Metre Cranberry Renaissance Quilted Cloqué Jersey Dress Fabric (SR145)

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Remnant Very Last 1.4  Metre Piece.

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Mid-weight quilted jersey with a cloqué effect pattern (according to Wikipedia: cloqué is a cloth with a raised woven pattern and a puckered or quilted look. The surface is made up of small irregularly raised figures formed by the woven structure).

This fabric is an absolute dream to sew! It lends itself to fitted garments, although it still has a good drape - it's soft to the touch and even has a two-way stretch, allowing for maximum comfort when the garment is worn.

It's also perfectly suitable for home soft-furnishings like cushion covers/throws!

Make yourself a variety of fitted dresses and skirts, minis, midis and maxis - it's your choice!

This is a hot fabric on the high-streets this Autumn/Winter !!!!

Width: 140cm

Composition: 95% Polyester/5% Elastane

Price is for 1.4 metre piece.

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