REM 1.9 Metre Dark Regency Paisley Print Fine Lurex Yoryu Dress Fabric Material (SR124)

£2.99 £5.68

Remnant 1.9 Metre Piece

Was £5.68  Now £ 2.99

Light-weight polyester lurex chiffon fine yoryu fabric with a dark regency paisley print.

(Yoryu has a micro crinkle effect running linear, this one has a silver lurex thread woven in to add a little shimmer)

It has a fairly soft hand feel and a really soft drape.

Suitable for blouses, dresses, skirts, palazzo pants, kaftans, sarongs.. etc.

Machine washable at 40° temperature, minimum iron.

This is a great fabric for holidays as it is relatively crease resistent and drys very fast, perfect for a beach cover up :).

You would need to line this fabric as it is sheer, unless thats how you like it.

Width: 140cm

Composition: 95% Polyester/5% Lurex

Price is for 1.9 metre piece


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