REM 1.2 Metre Double Border Tape Squiggles Double Knit Jersey Dress Fabric (SR454)

£4.49 £5.98

Remnant Very Last 1.2 Metre Piece.

Was £5.98 Now £4.49

This is a mid weight polyester viscose elastane double knit jersey with a double border tape squiggles design which is sewn onto the fabric, so will not come off with washing. The tape squiggles run along both selvedge edges and is plain in the middle. 

It's very soft and warm to the touch with a lovely drape.

Favoured by most high street fashion stores, it's the fabric of the moment.

suitable for tops, trousers, dresses, skirts, from mini's midi's to maxi's, loose or fitted, this fabric is a good all rounder .......

Machine washable at 40° temperature. Minimum iron,

Width: 140cm

Composition: Polyester/Viscose/Elastane

Price is for 1.2 metre piece

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