REM Appox 1M Sophisticated Dark Floral Lace Printed Silky Lining Coats Fabric Material (26)


Remnant: Approx 1 Metre Piece.

RRP £2.99  Now £0.99

Please note: These remnants are roughly approx 1 metre pieces, some maybe big, some maybe small. There's a small corner cut out of this fabric.

Please note: The ground colour is a dark greyish brown colourway. Was very hard to get the colour right, due to the lighting.

Buy 4 pieces For the price of 3 pieces. They should automatically reduce in price at the checkout. If not please let us know :)

This is a very light-weight silky soft with a very sophisticated floral lace design lining coating fabric. 

Suitable for lining dresses, skirts, jackets. etc.

Machine washable on a 40° temp.

Width: 140cm

Composition: 100% Acetate

Price is for 1 metre (after one metre, fabric comes in one complete length)

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