SALE!!! Audrey Hepburn Style Jersey Panel Print

£2.49 £5.99

Audrey Hepburn style DTY Jersey Panel Print

SALE!! Was £5.99, Now £2.49

Available in three other colours! Mid-weight DTY jersey. Very soft to the touch; DTY jersey has a soft peach skin feel (feels almost like velvet!). Suitable for dresses, tops and pencil skirts etc. This is a panel print that is measured from above the lady's hat to just below her profile. There are two ladies per panel. If you imagine that the first picture in this listing is rotated by 90 degrees, the vertical axis will become the width of the roll (in this case 154 cm) while the horizontal axis becomes the length of the panel (roughly 90 cm). If you are in any way unsure, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us

Width: 154 cm

Composition: Polyester/Elastane

Price is for one ~ 90 cm Panel (after one panel, fabric comes in one complete length)



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