REM 1.5 Metre Seersucker Cable Effect Wool Type Knit Dress Fabric Material (SR228)

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Remnant Very Last 1.5 Metre Piece.

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This fabric is a woolly knitted fabric with a cable effect pattern.

Stripes run linear (In line with the selvedge edge)

The cable effects are made by stretchy threads that run from selvedge to selvedge across the pattern which pull the pattern closer together to give the raised seersucker effect :)

 Although this fabric has a woolly feel it's suitable for all year round, with it's soft touch and fairly light weight knit.

Suitable for jumper dresses, semi fitted and slouchy tops, as well as cardigans, snoods, scarfs..etc.

Machine washable 30° temp. do not tumble dry.

Width: 170cm

Composition: Polyester/Acrlic/Elastane

Price is for 1.5 metre piece

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