SALE!!! Vintage Rose Wool Type Knit Panel Print

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Vintage Rose Wool Type Knit Panel Print

Soft to the touch and has a two way stretch. Great for numerous uses. Please note that the Flowers at the bottom of the first picture actually run from selvedge to selvedge (the top and bottom of the roll). This is the 'width' of the roll (in this case 148 cm). Therefore the panel would be from the bottom of the flowers to the edge of the other flowers. In order to help visualise the panel: if you take the first picture, the width (the horizontal axis) is 148 cm. The height (the vertical axis) is 90cm. I hope this helps!

Width: 148cm

Composition: Poly Viscose/Elastane

Price is for 90 cm panel (after one panel fabric comes in one continuous length)



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